An Active Pregnancy

Keeping Active

I have always been pretty active, before I fell pregnant I enjoyed going to the gym, mostly for yoga and pilates classes. Filling my time after work by going for a swim and a sauna before meeting friends for drinks! It was important to me to find something that I enjoyed doing when I was pregnant that kept me moving but wasn’t going to be high impact. When I look back I had recently moved to Blackheath and wanted to make some new Mum friends, and I guess to also absorb myself in the community so I researched pregnancy fitness classes.

As long as you listen to your body and any other medical advice that you have been given there shouldn't be too many issues with excercising . Here is some guidance from Ellie Brown at Greenwich Fitness and Pilates;

You must check with your GP before beginning to, or continuing with, exercise while pregnant. We advise you to wait 12/14 weeks into your pregnancy before starting exercise. There are some conditions that make it inadvisable to exercise; three or more miscarriages, maternal heart disease, diabetes, hypotension, placenta previa. Your GP will give you advice on whether you should exercise or not.

Classes for those who are pregnant offer some great advice, specific strengthening exercises and breathing techniques as well as an opportunity to meet some other expectant Mums in your local area. I was so lucky to have met one of my besties at pregnancy yoga during my second pregnancy, I don’t think that either of us went to make new friends, more to have a break from our toddlers for an hour and a half and take some time out and relax. We have since said that we loved the classes so much that we would secretly like to be pregnant again just so we could go along again. Possibly not the best reason to have another baby!

Finding the energy and time to do excerise after you have had a baby is not always easy, but there are some great classes and motivating people out there to get you back moving, stretching and strengthening.

Here is my round up of some great classes and things to do to keep you active during and after pregnancy in Blackheath, Greenwich and the surrounding areas.


Yoga Classes with Julie

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Julie runs two pregnancy yoga classes on a Wednesday evening in Blackheath Village and a class on a Saturday morning in Lewisham.
I also recommend her Active Birthing Workshop for your birth partner to gain an insight in to how yoga and correct breathing can aid labour.
Julie’s really popular Mummy and baby Yoga sessions are a convenient way to gently get back in to exercise and there is also time after the class to have a cup of tea and a chat with the other Mums.


Greenwich Fitness and Pilates

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Ellie’s studio is located in Greenwich close to the train station and she has classes at the studio as well as at St Mark’s Community Centre. The classes run in the evenings and during the day for both pregnancy yoga and pilates and post natal yoga and pilates. 


Burn It Fitness

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Facebook - BurnItLondon

A super studio at Blackheath Standard has a course for Mums who are already active. They tailor the sessions to suit you and your current fitness level taking into account your pregancy and delivery, current feeding regime and previous exercise history.


Cloud 9 Pilates

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Facebook - cloud9pilates 

Sophie’s Mummy and Baby Pilates classes are really popular and take place at Mycenae House in Blackheath, Under 1 Roof in Woolwich and Pilates and Rehab in Greenwich. A great way to tackle the ‘mummy tummy’ as well as all the other benefits of Pilates.


Buggy Runners

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Meeting in Greenwich Park, Peckham Rye and Danson Park in Bexley, Buggy Runners takes into account all aspects of the various post-natal stages for new Mums as well as supporting Dads and carers. It is a great way to exercise with your baby or toddler in the outdoors.

Failing all of these we are blessed with some lovely parks and a good walk in the fresh air is one of the best forms of exercise and I can vouch that marching up and down the hills in Greenwich Park can help to bring on labour for an overdue baby!


Love, Laura x