Baby carrier or pushchair?

Most of the expectant couples that come to visit me in the boutique think of a pushchair as a necessity purchase and a baby carrier as an extra, something to use on occasions when they don’t want to use their pushchair. However, are there those who have chosen a baby carrier over a pushchair and not purchased a pushchair at all? Is it possible to not use a pushchair at all and purely use a baby carrier or is it better to have one of each?


Both options have their own benefits and downsides, so it’s important to understand the key differences between the two before you make a purchase.


The means of baby transport you choose will depend on where you plan on taking your baby, what you plan on doing with them while you transport them, and how old your baby is. While ultimately your choice is a matter of personal preference, these pointers should help provide you with a better understanding.


Baby carrier


Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier


  • Many parents love the fact that baby carriers promote bonding time with your baby. Carriers hold your baby close to your heart, forming an intimate connection between parent and child that cannot be achieved with a pushchair. As well as fostering a sense of love and care in your baby, this approach also keeps them warm and protected.​


  • Pushchairs limit your freedom to an extent, as you must let go of them if you want to occupy your hands with other things, whereas baby carriers offer a completely hands-free solution. As such, if you prefer to keep your baby close while doing chores or working at your desk you may prefer to use a baby carrier. Some mothers even choose to use baby carriers in conjunction with a pushchair when necessary.


  • Baby carriers benefit from a variety of different designs and fits. These range from structured carriers with adjustable straps and comfortable padding, often allow for baby to be both parent and outward facing, to slings and wraps which are particularly good for the first new born days. Baby carrying is now so popular and there are so many designs that whatever your specific needs and requirements, there is a baby carrier to suit you and ensure maximum comfort.


  • Whilst many carriers can be adjusted as your child grows, children do get heavy! Some people find that their infant gets too heavy to transport with a baby carrier. This can be a source of back pain and thus annoyance as you go about your adventures. For many mothers the last thing they need after nine months of pregnancy is extra strain on their bodies. They are most suitable for newborns as they are much lighter, but there always comes a point when a pushchair is necessary to transport your child!


  • For those women who have had c-sections, it may be advised not to use a baby carrier in the first few months. Do consider this before making your purchase and if you have any concerns check with your doctor or health visitor.


  • Given the selection of products on offer it can be quite overwhelming to find the best type of baby carrier for your measurements and your baby’s needs. Be sure to source the best possible advice and always ask for a demonstration where you can try on the carrier prior to making a purchase.



Joolz Day 2 Studio Gris


  • The ability to fit your car seat on to a pushchair makes an easier transition from the car to the pushchair. It often means that there is no need to wake your baby when transitioning from the pushchair into the car or nursery – just detach the seat compartment from the wheels and you’re good to go.


  • Many pushchairs have large storage baskets which are really handy for your bags, shopping and baby toys while you’re out and about.


  • It is pretty easy to navigate a pushchair, so your child can still be taken out by grandparents and babysitters. By virtue of being so simple and intuitive to use, they can be picked up by anyone without making major adjustments. The same cannot be said for baby carriers, which are often fitted for a specific person’s body.


  • Some pushchair models can accommodate more than one baby, so if you have more than one child or twins you can transport both babies at once. In this sense, baby carriers are more limited as they are generally used to transport one baby at a time.


  • The lie flat carrycot of a pushchair is a great environment for your baby to sleep in, meaning that most babies enjoy taking naps in their pushchair. The smooth movement and comfy interior of a pushchair ensures a happy baby during days out and long walks. If you fancy some quality me-time, you can leave your baby to sleep soundly while you sit in a coffee shop or dine at a restaurant.


  • Pushchairs can prove to be a hassle on transport such as buses, trains, taxis and planes. There is no getting around the size and weight of pushchairs compared to the alternatives, even if you use a relatively small and lightweight model. Furthermore, designated spots for pushchairs on public transport are often filled with commuters and it can be tricky to fold the pushchair up while the vehicle is in motion.


  • Depending on the model in question, pushchairs can be awkward to manoeuvre due to their size and weight. This becomes evident when taking your baby to less accessible places with lots of stairs and no elevators. They can also prove quite bulky in more narrow spaces like supermarket aisles, whereas baby carriers allow you better access.


  • Many pushchairs come with a hefty price tag, especially for some of the premium models. However, if you’re looking for quality and durability (as well as the best experience for your child) this can be a worthy investment that guarantees positive returns for years to come – especially if you plan on having more children in future!


Finding the right pushchair and / or baby carrier is a really personal experience and with the right advice you will be sure to make a great decision for your family.


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