Bringing Baby Home from Hospital

'Don't drive over any speed bumps'

I don’t think I will ever forget when we brought Sebastian home from hospital. I remember the very slow walk to the car, checking that we had him in the car seat properly about ten times and debating where we would stop if he needed feeding. We drove like a snail through London on a sunny Sunday, it was the first day of Autumn and I remember feeling like I had gone in to hospital when it was summer and I had come out and it was Autumn. Andrew avoided roads with speed bumps in case they woke the baby and I sat on a pillow feeling a little delicate and mighty glad to be avoiding unnecessary bumps! Sebastian of course slept the entire journey, which worried me, do you think he’s ok? I can’t hear him breathing, is he ok? It was pretty magic! We were for the first time a family of three!

We don’t have many family heirlooms but we do have a family baby grow, it was the one that both my brother and then I wore when we came home from hospital, my brother’s sons then wore it on their first day in the world. Unfortunately, when I tried to squeeze Sebastian in to the baby grow it became immediately apparent that I hadn’t been blessed with little babies like the rest of my family, my long legged, big chested chap couldn’t straighten his legs in it. I didn't even attempt to get Gabriel in to it for fear of embarrasing him on his first day in to the world!

When I take people through the items that they will need for their hospital bag I get excited for them about that journey home and I think about it a lot when we buy items for the store and lay them out. Here are a few recommendations for bringing baby home from hospital.


Stylish Baby

You will no doubt be given lots of clothes as gifts when your little one arrives, however, the outfit that they wear home is your choice and it really is lovely to have something a little special yet easy to dress your baby in and comfortable for them. 

Both of the brands Mori and Baby Acorn have gender neutral clothing sets tht include a sleepsuit, hat and blanket which is the perfect set for your baby's first big outing! Remember that the car seat will make them warm so make sure that they do not have too many blanket layers on in the car. Take off any heavy blankets once they are in the warmth of the car. 


Baby Acorn Clothing


Baby Acorn 

Sleepsuit - £22 - £24Hat - £8Reversible Baby Shawl - £24


Mori Baby Clothing and Blanket



Sleepsuit - £22, Cardigan - £20, Hat - £10, Blanket - £21


Are You Sitting Comfortably?

It is essential that your baby is taken home from the hospital in a car seat and the hospital often won't allow you to leave unless they have seen that the baby is safely strapped in to the car seat. I really love the Cybex Cloud Q as it has a reclining lie flat position (when not in the car) and the super fabulous Birds of Paradise has a striking design. 

 Cybex Birds of Paradise Cloud Q Car Seat

Cybex Birds of Paradise - Cloud Q Car Seat 



One of our favourite brands in store is Joolz, and their collaboration with the car seat manufacturer Be Safe has been really popular. The infant car seat comes in some classic and stylish colour options and each have a leather handle making carrying your car seat more comfortable than others on the market. Joolz also offer a line of accessorise to complete their pushchair and car seat range including an organic cotton nest with clever zips allowing you strap your baby in to the car seat whilst using the nest. 


Joolz Izi Go BeSafe Car seat, Joolz Essentials Nest



Joolz Essentials Nest - £50,  Joolz Be Safe Izi Go Modular Car Seat - £209


Enjoy those precious first days together as a family! 


Love Laura x