Keep it natural with Merino Kids

When asked why I prefer Merino Wool Go-Go bags to traditional sleeping bags my answer is always the same, I wouldn't sleep under a synthetic duvet so why would I expect my children to? It's all about natural fibres and breathable materials when it comes to bed time in our house. A natural coir filled matress, 100% cotton bedding and absolutely no cot bumpers. As adults we are able to regulate our body temperatures but children under 18 months find it more difficult to do so, that's why I love Merino wool which helps to do this for them. Merino Kids explain how the merino helps to keep your little ones warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

'It has the incomparable ability to breathe and absorb moisture from the skin – up to 40% of its own weight! - and then release it into the air. This means your child will not feel sweaty or clammy since humidity between skin and garment is reduced.'

Merino Kids Cocooi Clothing

It is worth considering merino wool from bith. The Merino Kids Cocooi clothing range as been designed especially with the safety and confort of Newborns to 3 months in mind. The range includes vests, sleepsuits, swaddles, sleeping bags and blankets so that you can layer baby up in 100% super fine merino wool to regulate body temperature. Fans of organic will enjoy the products which are hypo-allergenic and the soft material never bobbles in the wash or makes sensitive skin itchy. The bundles make beautiful gifts for new parents and the shape of the swaddles make it easy and intutative to swaddle your baby.




Merino Kids Go Go Sleeping Bags

One of my mantras when advising parents in what to buy is 'don't buy more than you need' and for this reason I love Merino Wool Go Go bags. In keeping your little ones at the ideal temperature all year round it eliminates the need for multi sleeping bags to use in changing temperatures. I recommend buying two, one to wear whilst one is in the wash. If you live in a house that the temperature drops below 18 degrees then you should consider a Duvet weight Go Go Bag, although I love the two colour option on the duvet weight we have never had a need for anything heavier than a standard weight Go Go Bag.  




We are super fans of Merino Kids.... we hope you will be too.