Nurturing Mums Interview

On our entrepreneurial journey it has been such a joy to have meet others who have also started businesses to help new families on their path to parenthood. Lucinda Hutton started Nurturing Mums courses to offer support to new Mums and we are so pleased that she has recently inroduced her classes to Blackheath. We asked her a few questions to understand why she does what she does! 



What inspired you to start Nurturing Mums courses?  What do you offer to new Mums?

Although I’d been on an antenatal course I was only really prepared for the birth part and not much of life when you have a baby… which is when you have ALL the questions!

I realised although there was lots of information out there, it often wasn’t helpful or something I could put into practise at home. I thought there was space for non-judgemental, practical support for mums from people who really knew their stuff!

Our 5 week postnatal course covers sleep, weaning, baby development and first aid where mums get questions answered about their baby and get to meet other local mums and babies going through the same things! 


What was the biggest challenge to you when you became a Mother?

I think I wasn’t expecting the relentlessness of it all. You never really have alone time, even for a shower… The fact is suddenly takes you such a long time to go anywhere and you are suddenly fully responsible for another human being is something no one can prepare you for… that and sleep deprivation!


Whilst lots of parents take antenatal classes preparing them for the birth of their child, the first few weeks can be quite a shock to the system. What advice would you give to first time parents?  

Try not to worry if you are doing ‘it right’ - please try and go easy on yourself, we are our own harshest critics.  Don’t worry if the house is a mess and there’s a stack of washing to get through - you’ll find your natural rhythm eventually and just look after yourself and your little one.


If new Mums could take away one positive thing after their Nurturing Mums course, what would that be?

That although we have experts on our course, you really are the people who know your children best - take that confidence (and mama mates) with you!


What does the future hold for Nurturing Mums? Do you think you will expand beyond London?

We have our first course launching in Market Harborough in November and further expansion across London and the East Midlands is very much on the cards!  


To find out more visit, to book your course in Blackheath please click here. A 5 week course costs £125, spaces are limited.


Love Laura x