Safer Sleep Week

In the first few days and weeks of Sebastian being born we had quite a few visitors and all he seemed to do was either sleep or feed whilst they were there. I think that there were a few disappointment people who didn’t get all the cuddles that they had hoped for! Whilst we did still cuddle him whilst he slept I was probably most surprised by how much he slept during the day and how happy was to just be left in his crib to sleep.

Bringing your baby home and getting to know them is one of the most exciting experiences you will have. Your baby has made a big exhausting journey into the world and everything to them is a new experience and by remembering that you will understand how tiring life is for them! They are also growing lots. They are going to therefore be sleeping a lot, they may be feeding lots too, but they will be doing lots of snoozing! It is therefore important to think about where your baby will sleep and making sure that it is as safe as possible for them.

This week it is The Lullaby Trusts National Safer Sleep Week aimed at helping parents in the UK know the importance of safer sleep and to ensure that they are aware of how to reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The sudden and unexplained death of a child is rare but it does still occur so parents must think about ways to make sure that their baby’s sleep environment is as safe as it can be.

With this in mind we have taken some of their advice and picked out some great products to ensure safe sleep.


Place your baby in their own cot, crib or moses basket in the same room as you for the first 6 months

Studies have shown that SIDS is significantly reduced when babies sleep in the same room as their parents but in their own bed. The Snuzpod allows your baby to be close to you in a bed side crib, whilst sleeping safely in their own space. With a handy side that zips down you can easily lift your baby out in the night to feed or comfort them and then place them back in the Snuzpod.


Snuzpod2 Bedside Crib in Blush

Always remember to place your baby on their back to sleep for both day and night time sleeps, if they should roll on to their side turn them on to their back. Once your baby can roll from front to back on their own they can be left to find their own sleep position.


Use a firm flat mattress that is waterproof or a waterproof mattress protector

Whether you use a moses basket, crib or cot it is important to chose a mattress that fits the bed properly. When customers are given second hand furniture I always receommend buying a new mattress, it is hard to guarantee that a mattress has been stored without any risk of dust mites and any damp therefore a new mattress just gives parents peace of mind. 

The mattresses that we recommend are from Little Green Sheep, they hand make their mattresses using only natural fibres and can be made to any size specification. With no harmful chemicals or toxins they are also breathable and reduce dust mites. 



For a cot mattress that will last we suggest the natural twist, the firm side can be used up to 12 months and you can flip it over for a squishier natural latex filling for toddlers up to five years.

Using a mattress protector will ensure that your mattress does not get damaged by icky leaks and any sicnkess. Again, we recommend the organic cotton ones by Little Green Sheep which fit on top perfectly whilst allowing the natural fibres of the mattress to breathe. 



If you choose to swaddle use thin light material

Cotton muslin is a great material to swaddle your baby in as it is light weight and breathable, they are also easy to wrap around your baby as the material has a bit of give in it. There are now so many lovely designs on offer so you can pick swaddles to match your nursery, pram and personal style!  Visit our online boutique for our edit.



The safest cot is a clear cot

It is advised that children should not use cot bumpers or duvets. Keeping the cot as clear as possible to avoid any risk of anything over your baby's head and anything that may restrict their breathing.  If you are using blankets ensure that they are tucked under the mattress and that they are below your child's shoulders. Mama Designs cellular blankets are new to the boutique and we are delighted that these traditional open cellular design which allows more airflow than a standard blanket has been given a modern lift with fashionable colours for your nursery.

Mama Designs Cellular Blanket

A sleeping bag  is also a safe way to keep your child cosy and warm. Make sure that you chose the correct sizing, it should not be too big around the neck and therefore fit comfortably under their chin.

Mama Designs have a clever all seasons Babasac with layers that zip out creating a 2 in 1 sleeping bag for use all year round. I have also been a big advocate of merino wool. It will keep your child cool in the summer and warm in the winter meaning that you can use Merino Kids Go Go Bags all year round. With a 100% super fine merino wool inner and 100% organic cotton outer for durability I can personally guarantee that they wash beautifully and really are for all seasons.