Ski Holiday 5 things I have learnt about skiing with kids


The Peaks and Wipeouts of a Ski Holiday with Little Kids

We spent our half term holiday skiing with a huge group of family and friends in Courchevel, France. We stayed altogether in a big Ski Total chalet and enjoyed the company of people from every age category and skiing ability. Whilst Andrew and I had both skied (me) and snowboarded (him) previously it was the first time that out little ones had been with us on a ski trip. It was mega exciting and so much fun but oh my, it was hard work! So here's my round up of what I have learnt about skiing with kids. 


Manage your expectations of how much you are going to ski yourself

If you are taking a nanny or Grandparents to help with childcare then I applaud you but if not then have realistic expectations about how much you are going to be able to get snow time in for yourself. Whilst our oldest child Sebastian zoomed around at ski school we still had Gabriel to entertain and factor in a nap. We spent our holiday with a large group of family and friends so we had some help looking after the kids and tended to swap around with time on the slopes and doing activities with the boys.

Many ski resorts have great activities for youngsters and we can highly recommend the Aqua Motion at Courchevel as it has safe pools for every age including a fabulous splash pool for toddlers, slides for bigger kids and enthusiatic grown ups! I have been told that the spa is excellent....maybe next time I wil make it there! We also benefited from the easy to access soft play at 1850. The nursery slopes at 1650 were brilliant with a travellator for the kids to use instead of a scary button lift. They also had large teepees with fun activites, face painting and hot drinks on offer. It was brilliant for Gabriel as he loved travelling up in the gondola and seeing his big brother skiing and enjoyed some time himself playing about in the tepee.

Once we got in to the swing of the week and worked out who was going to ski when, we enjoyed our time with the boys and our time with everyone else. Whilst a ski holiday is about getting on the slopes there are so many great activites for kids and just being in the mountains makes you feel refreshed. 



Take the right kit

The weather was so gorgeous whilst we were in France and it felt great to be outside as much as possible. For this reason and also not wanting to be on our own in the chalet whilst everyone else was having fun we encouraged Gabriel to sleep in his pushchair for his afternoon nap. Owning a baby boutique definitely came up trumps for us and we borrowed the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle pushchair and took 3 skis with us. The lovely large seat was spacious enough for Gabriel at 2 ½ years old and the lie flat position appeared to be really comfortable for him. The best bit was the ski attachments which meant that we could take the pushchair to the restaurants and activities on the mountain near our chalet. The ease of taking them on and off with straps round the wheels meant that we could easily go from pavements to snow conditions without having to remove the wheels and clip in skis. Mountain Buggy allow you to buy the skis individually so you may only need one ski for light snow conditions, but you can also buy the correct amount if you have a 3 wheel or a 4 wheel pushchair from Mountain Buggy. We got some great looks and a bit of applause at one moment, it was definitely a novelty!

If you are looking specifically for a pushchair with the capability of adding skis on to then the other option is the Cybex Priam, it works differently to the Mountain Buggy as you unclip the front wheels and put ski attachments in their place. 


Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle with skis


We took with us the Urban Jungle in the Nautical Luxury Edition, it has a striking blue and white seat and a tan leather handle. I was really impressed with how it pushed around the resort which was obviously pretty hilly. It was very easy to get up an down steps so would be a good choice for more urban terrain as well. The fold is so easy and compact and as it stands up on its own when it is folded we were able to leave it in the hallway of the chalet without it taking up space. 


Mountain Buggy Skis

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle, prices start from £449, the Luxury Edition starts from £549. Skis are £20 each.


Keep on your feet, or at least invest in a good pair of boots

Whilst I did get some good ski action in I did spend quite a bit of time at the bottom of the slopes playing around in the snow. I would therefore suggest investing in some good boots for yourself that will keep your feet warm and dry. They should have a good grip on the soles so that you don’t slide about in the snow. I loved my Sorel boots and can’t imagine my feet ever being cold in them. They also do some gorgeous kids versions. 



I have to tell you about the ski gear that we got for Sebastian from Aldi, it was absolutely terrific value, fitted brilliantly and stood the Slater boys test on the slopes. They did a bundle with sallopets, ski jacket, socks and thermals. He loved the bright colours which was a big tick as it is important for little ones to wear bright colours so that you can see them and recognise them on the slopes! Gabriel had a brilliant all in one 'Scamp Suit' from Muddy Puddles with a removable fleece lining, it kept him super cosy and dry in the snow. Underneath his snow suit he wore Mori yoga pants and t-shirts with a jumper over the top. 


Carry it on your back

There was an occasion when Gabriel and I were taking Sebastian to ski school, carrying his skis, a plastic sledge and Gabriel’s favourite book and vile smelling snuggly. The only way up was on an escalator which had decided to stop working. With the help of others around me we all marched up the escalator with our paraphernalia handed out to complete strangers making their way to a leisurely child free day in the Alps! Fortunately, I had all of the rest of our gear in a back pack as any other kind of bag would have been quite impossible. Our ever trusty Pacapod Picos was brilliant. It is a light weight bag with wide cushioned straps which sit really well on your shoulders and has a clip across the chest for added comfort. The food pod came in really useful for packing the kids sandwiches and snacks from the chalet to take with us for the day.  Our little one is still in nappies so I need to take supplies with me. The design avoids being too feminine so Andrew felt comfortable wearing it and the side pockets for drinks bottles are a must have.


Pacapod Picos

Pacapod Picos - £95


A change is as good as a rest!

I am not sure that any holiday with young kids in tow is particularly relaxing, however it is a break and time away and we tried to make the most of doing things differently than we do with them at home. When you have not seen much snow before and never been skiing then going up in a gondala is a pretty exciting experience! Letting Sebastian stay up late in the ski chalet with the bigger kids, eating every night with grown ups (us) and making snow balls just because we could! 



Love Laura x