Snuzpod Colours


An appointment at Eat Sleep Love for expectant parents involves me asking lots of questions! One of the key questions is where are you planning for baby to sleep when they come home from hospital? There are a number of different options including a moses basket, traditional crib or straight in to a cot, perhaps using a Sleepyhead or a Cocoonababy.

It features a secure zip-down mesh wall which allows you to easily lift the baby out to feed during the night and it can be zipped back up once baby is laid back down.

The lift off bassinet allows you to use it elsewhere other than the bedroom for day time naps.

Once baby is big enough to be moved in to their own room the Snuzpod can be used as a stand alone crib.


Stylish Sleep

I really enjoy deomstrating the SnuzPod and I think that parents see the benefit of a bedside crib which allows the baby to sleep safely and closely next to Mum and to feed easily. Now available in 7 colour options all you need to do is decide which matches your style tastes! The new colours, blush, putty and sherbert offer a step away from tradtional white and wood finishes.


SnuzPod Bedside crib