Top tips for breastfeeding



To celebrate the launch of the NEW Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow, we asked our resident expert, Midwife Nikki Khan to share her top tips for supporting mums through breastfeeding.

The key to a successful, and enjoyable, breastfeed is getting the latching correct, which all comes down to positioning. If baby is in the incorrect position whilst feeding not only could there be problems with latching and sore nipples, but baby could have issues with swallowing or may develop gastric reflux, and mum can easily start to get back and arm pain.
There are lots of different positions that work brilliantly for a comfortable and successful breastfeed, whilst using a high quality nursing pillow is a must-have for ensuring optimum comfort. However, before you start thinking about positions and nursing pillows, remember these basics to a successful feed:

i) Make sure you are comfortable in a chair supporting your back with your bottom back in the chair rather than perched on the edge for the feed and your nursing pillow nearby, especially in the early days when baby needs more head support.
ii) Have everything on a table near you – drinking water, telephone, pen and pad and a muslin cloth.
ii) Ensure your feet are on the floor and you are not on tiptoe! Some mums use a footstool or another pillow under their feet to ensure the position is maintained.
iv) Remember: ‘Tummy to Tummy ‘
v) 'Nose to nipple’- Bring your baby to your breast, so he is facing your nipple, and does not have to turn his head to reach it. His nose, rather than his mouth, should be in line with your nipple, allowing your baby room to tip his head back before latching on.


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About Nikki:
Nikki Khan has been a practising midwife since 1989. She runs her own Early Pregnancy, Antenatal & Postnatal Classes. Nikki is passionate about breastfeeding and about sharing her unique knowledge to make childbirth a positive experience. She believes that giving women advice, information and support equips them to deal with pregnancy, birth and the weeks that follow.