Welcome to Eat Sleep Love!

Eat Sleep Love showroom

Our showroom now has a calmness, it feels luxurious yet inviting. Yet, three months ago the space was a little different. We have pulled up flooring, knocked down walls, stripped back paint and created something filled with natural light that is clean, crisp and cosy. But why?

When I fell pregnant with my first child I had not long been married and was still buzzing from all the thrill of organising a wedding and being pampered in bridal shops for ‘our special day’. Yet, having a baby and making a family, well that felt just as special. I have always been that girl who is nudging others out of the way to be first in line to hold the new baby, who volunteered to change other peoples children’s nappies and felt completely at home rocking a baby to sleep. I loved the privilege of being pregnant, not every pregnancy is the same and not loving being pregnant is no reflection on a woman as a mother. I think the fact that I had uncomplicated pregnancies both times helped with my enjoyment of it, but I loved having a big bump and all the build up of excitement that comes with it.

I wanted to feel prepared, to make sure that I had everything ready before the baby arrived and that we had bought the right stuff. We sought some great advice but had to travel to get that advice and it was at that point that I thought, why isn’t there a baby shopping service in Blackheath? Why is there not a one stop place in this area? There seemed to be people pushing prams everywhere I went; baby groups were flooded with new Mums and yet where was everybody buying all their baby goods? From here, there an everywhere, and no one was really able to recommend a specific store to their new Mummy friends. The light bulb went on and the idea was born?

Let’s have a place where parents to be can shop for all their baby and nursery goods in one place, somewhere special, calm and brimming with information about the best products on the market. Well, life got busy and being a stay-at-home Mum filled my time and the time flew by quickly.

The second pregnancy happened in reasonably quick succession meaning that picking out a double pushchair became an ever more confusing exercise with each visit to a different store, finally ending in the purchase of something that did the job for a couple of months and has since been redundant. A year ago our second son arrived and what a year it has been. With two boys under three my husband and I decided to start this business together. There is a gap here and we have decided to fill it, in the hope that we will make the lives of other new parents easier and what better time to do it when we are right in the mix of pushchairs, nappy bins and the ever changing furniture requirements of a growing family.

We have had great fun trying out baby carriers, learning about the benefits of natural fibres, sourcing well made furniture and challenging each other’s times at folding pushchairs. Now it is time for us to pass some of our knowledge on to others. Laura Loves it and we hope that you will love it too.