Winter Warmers for Pushchairs

It would be lovely to think that when it gets really cold we could just snuggle up under the duvet at home, drink hot chocolate, read stories and build lego in blissful peace. I wish! The nursery run, playgroups, trips to the greengrocers and icy swings and slides still happen if it is freezing and blowing a gale. Being confined to our house with an easily bored 3 year old and a kamikaze 15 month old makes braving a blizzard preferable to long days trapped at home.

However, we don't have to come home with frozen fingers and miserably cold children. In the last few weeks my Kaiser handmuff has been my best friend. The lambswool lining and waterproof material have meant that I haven't had cold hands once. I like the Big Double as I can easily velcro it on to the handle bars and it protects my hands better than gloves against the wind. 


Kaiser Handmuff

Kaiser Handmuff


Polar Footmuff

Have you thought about a footmuff?

If you are buying your travel system now for a Spring baby you are not initally going to need a footmuff but by the time your child is using the seat Winter will be approaching so it is definitely worth ordering a footmuff so that you have it ready when you need it. A lot of pushchair brands offer a matching footmuff.


Joolz Day



Joolz Geo 


Joolz day Polar Footmuff Blue


Joolz are doing a great job with their pushchair accessorise and the polar footmuff is definitely one of my favourite pieces that we sell. The lambswool will keep your little one lovely and warm without making them sweat. Shown here is blue, it is also available in black and grey. It looks partiualrly appealing here as it matches the Joolz pushchair in Parrot Blue. With zips on either side it makes it easy to get your child in and out of. 


Little Sheepy Cuddly Bag

I love this cosy cuddly bag for new borns for either the pram bassinet or car seat. The lambswool insert can also be removed and used on its own and the middle zip means that you can undo it without distrubing the baby from their sleep. 


Keep warm and keep it cosy!